Why are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive?!

Well we all know lashes have become a boom and have been the leading secret to cutting your morning make up routine in half. Yes more sleep is such a thing! haha. But why are ladies cringing on the price of eyelash extensions. Well lets take a few things into consideration. when you are laying on the massage bed getting your lashes done, you are also taking a well need lash nap! 😆 along with music to sooth you. You can basically call you lash appointment a well needed spa trip. yes or no? Another thing to also consider is the meticulous hand eye coordination your lash tech needs to give you beautiful lashes. One by she separates and elongates your boring short lashes and BAM! you wake up with these beautiful eyelash extensions you cannot live without! No honey you are not dreaming, your lashes are real! Now lets talk about back pain. Can I get some lash tech to like this lol. We love our lovely lady clients. That's why most lash tech offer discounts and ways to save on your appointment. Refer your friends and coworkers! Most lash tech give a discount for that! Yes they do! Now lets pay homage to all the lash tech out there hustling to get it and not short selling themselves! Lets keep our standard high before we start doing fullsets for $20! CAN I GET AN AMEN!

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